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Blu & Mainframe Are – Johnson & Jonson

Finally the retail version!

Label…………….: Tres Recordings
Genre…………….: Hip-Hop
StoreDate…………: Sep-23-2008
Source……………: CDDA
Size……………..: 44,5 MB
Total Playing Time…: 45:22

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Johnson&Jonson – J&J (2008) [Music Video]

I’ve had the leak of this album since December ’07, but I can’t wait for the legit release. Will def be copping that shit. Check the video (and look up the other Johnson&Jonson music video on here or on youtube).  Blu murked that shit.


Jaylib – Champion Sound [Reissue](2007) RE-UPPED

So the story goes. Once upon a time in the land of hip hop legendary producer of the Beat Junkies, DJ J Rocc, passed a CD of beats to Madvillain maestro, Madlib. Were these beats J Roccs we may have ended up with a Roclib album, but as the story goes, these beats were (for some reason or another)  produced by none other than Jay Dee (aka J. Dilla). Madlib recorded over these beats and called the recordings Jaylib, but the recordings sat on a shelf getting dusty for a few years until Stones Throw put one of the tracks on a mixtape. Dilla, being signed to Stones Throw himself, heard the track, hooked up with Madlib and soon after began trading beats and rhymes (each did his own recording in his own respective hood) which lead to the 2003 release of Champion Sound. The album was hailed an instant classic and prototype for many hip-hop mashups to come after it (Madvillainy, Gnarls Barkley, Patch Adams, Dangerdoom etc.), but when Dilla passed away in early 2006 the album was re-vamped with a second CD of new remixes and instrumentals from the original album featured as well as a tribute to Dilla (“One For Dilla”). So here you are, the finished product of two of hip-hop’s greatest minds. Download the album and if you like it, cop it legit here.

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2 Sene Albums + 1 EP

So I posted one joint by this cat a minute a good minute ago (Pavement Special) and expressed my amazement about how such a young cat could release such a dope album, but now it gets crazier as dude has release 3 more works… all just as crazy as the first. I know it’s a lot to listen to, so if you don’t know where to start peep his first work (link given above) or if picking out of the 3 new joints check on The Beautifully Ugly EP (2008), after which either of the other two albums Anywhere But Here (2007) and Elevator Music: A Collection of Rejected Excellence (2008) is a dope follow up. For fans of Raks One, Blu (of Blu & Exile), Buff 1 & Now On… fuck just do yourself and whoever you are, give dude a listen.

(Question: I know Elevetaor Music: A Collection of Rejected Excellence is being given away for free on Sene’s myspace page, and Pavement Special was a Japan only release, but does anybody know where the others can be copped legit as physical copies)?

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U-N-I – Fried Chicken & Watermelon [Mixtape] (2007)

Like Cool Kids? Like Blu? Like Sene, Kidz in the Hall, Wale, The Knux, and Hollywood Holt? Def check these guys out. Hot shit coming out of Cali. Shouts to HHB.

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Johnson & Jonson Cover/Tracklist

Johnson & Jonson’s (Blu & Mainframe) self-titled album is expected to drop on September 23. Check the first video off the album after the jump.

01. Finally
02. Up All Night
03. Half A Knot
04. Mama Always Told Me
05. Go For The Gusto Room (Ft. Bo Bo Lamb as Jack Johnson)
06. Wow
07. The Only Way
08. In The Building (ft. Miguel Jontel as Jontel Johnson)
09. Bout It Bout It
10. Get The Name Straight
11. Long Time Gone
12. Still Up All Night (ft. Co$$ Dollars as Troy Johnson)
13. Perfect Picture
14. Anything Is Possible (ft. Gonja Sufi aka Magic Johnson)
15. The Oath

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DJ Exile (of Blu & Exile and Emanon) – Dirty Science (2006)

For those who are still craving more material from ’07s top indie beat conductor… Cali on the come up. Full of dope guest appearances, cop it here if you like it.

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