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Sorry I’ve been slackin on the posts lately. It’s been a birthday week for me, which basically means I’ve been drinking and smoking way more than I probably should be. In the next couple of days I’m gonna get back on my posting game so check back for the illness. I’ll leave you with a couple videos. 


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Brother Ali – Rites of Passage (2000)

As any of you who know me can tell, Brother Ali is one of my favorite two MCs of all time (just look at my page). Unlike most artists I listen to, I didn’t get into Ali from listening to his first album because when I started listening to him the album was near impossible to find. Thanks to somebody who order one of the first 300 copies of Ali’s 2004 Champion EP, Ali’s Rites of Passage finally started to pop up all around the internet late last year. If I had never heard of Ali before I would’ve thought this album was made in the early-mid 90s… which is a good thing, a really good thing. This album takes you back to the time of Brand Nubian, Black Sheep, Black Moon, Tribe and De La Soul from Ali’s lyrics, to his production (he produced this album), even to the interludes. Rites of Passage is a masterpiece of an album, so please don’t sleep on it for your own sake.


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O.C. – Word…Life: Re-Issue (1994)[Classic]

This album was majorly slept on when it originally dropped in 1994 and is still being slept on ’til this day. Of course 1994 was the year for classic hip-hop albums, so if you’re feeling that entire time period (especially for NY cats) this album is going to blow you away. I’ve posted 2 of my favorite tracks from the album, but you should def peep the grouprip I’ve posted as well. For fans of Black Moon, Masta Ace, D.I.T.C., and Kool G Rap. Word…life.

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Black Moon – Enta Da Stage (1993)

Seeing the post earlier with Buckshot’s new tracks made me think about Enta Da Stage. This album is a must have. If you haven’t heard it, I suggest you download it now.

1. Powaful Impak! (4:12)
2. Niguz Talk Shit (4:20)
3. Who Got The Props? (4:30)
4. Ack Like U Want It (4:57)
5. Buck Em Down (4:40)
6. Black Smif-N-Wessun (4:23)
7. Son Get Wrec (3:29)
8. Make Munne (4:26)
9. Slave (2:44)
10. I Got Cha Opin (4:15)
11. Shit Iz Real (4:00)
12. Enta Da Stage (2:54)
13. How Many Mc’s… (3:40)
14. U Da Man (4:24)

Download here

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