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The Dynospectrum – The Dynospectrum (1999) [Slug, Self One, Beyond & Swift]

Got a request for this one a little while ago. Any fan of Atmosphere or the Rhymesayers fam should have heard of this one (although I had some trouble finding it). If you’re familiar with any of the Headshots series (or even just the widely popular Headshots: Se7en) you’ll know most of the cats on this project… Of course there’s Slug of Atmosphere and Beyond (who later became Musab) as well as old school Rhymesayers junkies, Self One (aka I Self Divine) & Swift (who I have no idea what happened to). Apparently this was the first and last actual LP that was done by the group so, Iif you like the Headshots series & Deep Puddle Dynamics you’ll love this one… if you just like Atmosphere you’ll at least enjoy it.Like it? Buy it here.

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De La Soul – 3 Feet High and Rising

One of the best hip-hop albums ever. No hip-hop blog is complete without this.


ARTIST: De La Soul
TITLE: 3 Feet High and Rising
LABEL: Tommy Boy
TIME: Disc 1: 67:17 min, Disc 2: 46:02 min


GRABBER: EAC (Secure Mode, C2 Error Correction Disabled)
ENCODER: LAME (Command Line: -V 0 –vbr-new)
SIZE: 182 MB
QUALITY: 240-260 kbps VBR, Joint-Stereo
RIPPED: 12-10-2006
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2 Edo G Rarities: Life of A Kid In The Ghetto (1991) & Roxbury 02119 (2007)

Anybody who knows early to mid 90s east coast rap knows Edo G (member of Special Teamz and Boston’s crowned king) for his work with Da Bulldogs (if not his solo work). A few people may know him solely for his 2008 release, Acting (which was actually a ’96 album that’d been shelved for 12 years). Either way for those who are or aren’t familiar here’s you chance to get better acquainted. These two joints were requested by Unbelievable94, but I thought every one could use a little bit of Edo in their life.

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People Under The Stairs – The Next Step (1998)

California boom bap at it’s best. For fans of The Nonce, Living Legends, Jurassic 5, and Hieroglyphics.

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Aesop Rock – Appleseed (1999)

“Appleseed is an EP by American hip hop artist Aesop Rock, the second of two self-released efforsts preceding his Mush debut Float (2000). As Aesop’s first EP, it is available only on CD-R.”

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O.C. – Word…Life: Re-Issue (1994)[Classic]

This album was majorly slept on when it originally dropped in 1994 and is still being slept on ’til this day. Of course 1994 was the year for classic hip-hop albums, so if you’re feeling that entire time period (especially for NY cats) this album is going to blow you away. I’ve posted 2 of my favorite tracks from the album, but you should def peep the grouprip I’ve posted as well. For fans of Black Moon, Masta Ace, D.I.T.C., and Kool G Rap. Word…life.

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Masta Ace – Sittin On Chrome [1995]

1. Intro (2:54)
2. The I.N.C Ride (4:10)
3. Eastbound (5:22)
4. What’s Going On! (4:52)
5. The B-Side (4:14)
6. Sittin’ On Chrome (4:09)
7. People In My Hood (5:37)
8. Turn It Up (5:15)
9. U Can’t Find Me (4:13)
10. Ain’t NO Game (4:55)
11. Freestyle? (3:29)
12. Terror (5:19)
13. Da Answer (4:57)
14. 4 Da Mind (Ft The Cella Dwella (4:46)
15. Born To Roll (4:14)
16. The Phat Kat Ride (4:05)

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