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Blackalicious – The Craft (2005)

This is the junior album from the legendary underground Cali duo, Blackalicious. I was first introduced to Blackalicious in the 10th grade (about three years ago… give or take) by a friend named Kevin. Kevin was heavy into Aesop Rock, Sole, and Deep Puddle Dynamics at the time so I was certain Black would be something to abstract and left field for me to really enjoy, but after weeks (maybe months) of his nagging and bitching I finally listened to their 2nd LP, Blazing Arrows. To my dismay I greatly enjoyed the album and Kevin won. Anywho, as much as I enjoyed Black’s aforementioned sophomore album, I feel as if The Craft is an all around better album. Better production, better rhymes… shit just flows more nicely than Blackalicious’ other two joints. If you’re a fan of Lyrics Born (who’s a member of another of MC Gift of Gab’s crews), People Under the Stairs or Jurassic 5, make sure to check on this one.

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Yak Ballz – Scifentology 1 & 2

I was chillin at my boys house last night blazin and wandering through the universe that is YouTube, when he showed me the below video.

I was definitely impressed. I wish I could say I hadn’t been sleeping on dude, but I’ll just keep quiet. As I’m typing this I’m making my way through these 2 albums, Scifentology 1 & 2. There are a couple more of his earlier albums floating around that I’ll try and get up if people seem to be interested.

If you don’t want to download the albums, at least check this track.

Yak Ballz – Glory Days Gone

Both albums’ tracklists and download links are after the jump.

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Aesop Rock – Appleseed (1999)

“Appleseed is an EP by American hip hop artist Aesop Rock, the second of two self-released efforsts preceding his Mush debut Float (2000). As Aesop’s first EP, it is available only on CD-R.”

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Aesop Rock + MF Doom = DoomRock?

Okay, okay, so no it hasn’t really been confirmed, but seriously… wouldn’t it be dope? I mean I’ve been listening to the Prefuse 73 produced Blacklist a lot lately, and I can’t help but think it’d probably be the best match for Doom besides Ghostface. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, anyway peep the track if you haven’t heard it before.


 Blacklist: Download

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