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The High & Mighty present Eastern Conference Allstars Vol. 1-4

Here are all 4 volumes of ‘Eastern Conference Allstars,’ presented by The High & Mighty. These tapes have a great selection of underground artists. Get ready to hear Cage, Smut Peddlers, Copywrite, Evidence, Last Emperor, and more. As usual, the rest of the albums’ tracklists and all the download links are after the jump. Enjoy.

1. B-Boy Document ’99 – El-P, High & Mighty, Mos Def, Mike Zoot
2. Lick the Balls – Mad Skillz
3. Open Mic Night – High & Mighty
4. One by One – Mr. Eon, Smut Peddlers
5. E=MC2 – Alchemist, Mr. Eon
6. Meaning – High & Mighty
7. Cranial Lumps – High & Mighty
8. All in Together – Eastern Conference All-Stars
9. Mind, Soul & Body – High & Mighty
10. Hole Repertoire – Mr. Eon, Smut Peddlers
11. Hands on Experience – Bobbito, El-P, High & Mighty
12. Hands on Experience Pt. 2 – Bobbito, High & Mighty, Kool Keith, What What

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Video: Skillz ft. Freeway – Don’t Act Like You Don’t Know


Skillz – The Million Dollar Backpack

Another possible album of the year!

Label…………….: Koch
Genre…………….: Hip-Hop
StoreDate…………: Jul-22-2008
Source……………: CDDA
Size……………..: 65,4 MB
Total Playing Time…: 53:00

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New Videos From Jean Grae & Skillz

Heard there was a bit of controversy about the release of JG’s video… anybody heard about that?  Also can’t wait for that new Skillz album, The Million Dollar Backpack

(p.s. I know D posted JG’s album, but if you like what you’re hearing you really need to go out and get it. Just like gimmeadollr I already pre-ordered this joint and if you downloaded it you already know it’s crazy. We waited four long ass years to get a new album out of Jean and I don’t want to wait until 2012 for another so support the artists. That’s the point of the blog, so you can explore new artists and find some dope MCs who you are feeling to a point that you don’t mind dropping 10 dollars in order to support them. Seriously, there’s far to few legit female emcees in the game to make Ms. Grae leave it don’t be a douche and buy it here for 10 dollars. If you only buy one CD a year and you like this one, do cop it).

Jean Grae & 9th Wonder – Love Thirst

Skillz ft. Talib Kweli – So Far So Good

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