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Charles Hamilton – And Then They Played Dilla (2008)[Mixtape]

Dilla + Charles Hamilton. Remixed beats, new lyrics. I’ve been up all night waiting on this joint to drop, so just peep it already. If you’re unfamiliar with Charles Hamilton, all you need to know is down to earth ass producer/MC from Harlem who (at such a young age) is set to change the game for 2009. This is one in a series of mixtape he’s dropping in a very limited amount of time. Right now I’d usually tell you who dude sounds like but, yo, it’s 2:30 in the fucking morning. Just download the motherfucking mixtapes and give shouts to CH here and if you want to hear more of his mixtapes in the ongoing series check out this page for a listing.

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Jaylib – Champion Sound [Reissue](2007) RE-UPPED

So the story goes. Once upon a time in the land of hip hop legendary producer of the Beat Junkies, DJ J Rocc, passed a CD of beats to Madvillain maestro, Madlib. Were these beats J Roccs we may have ended up with a Roclib album, but as the story goes, these beats were (for some reason or another)  produced by none other than Jay Dee (aka J. Dilla). Madlib recorded over these beats and called the recordings Jaylib, but the recordings sat on a shelf getting dusty for a few years until Stones Throw put one of the tracks on a mixtape. Dilla, being signed to Stones Throw himself, heard the track, hooked up with Madlib and soon after began trading beats and rhymes (each did his own recording in his own respective hood) which lead to the 2003 release of Champion Sound. The album was hailed an instant classic and prototype for many hip-hop mashups to come after it (Madvillainy, Gnarls Barkley, Patch Adams, Dangerdoom etc.), but when Dilla passed away in early 2006 the album was re-vamped with a second CD of new remixes and instrumentals from the original album featured as well as a tribute to Dilla (“One For Dilla”). So here you are, the finished product of two of hip-hop’s greatest minds. Download the album and if you like it, cop it legit here.

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J. Dilla, Ghostface Killah, & MF Doom – Sniperlite (2008)

3 tracks of bliss. Get it before it’s gone. If you like it, cop it here for $2.97.

(PS, where the fuck is my Swift and Changeable Doom/Ghost collabo?)

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Artist: J Dilla
Title: Nothing Like This
Date: 12/02/2007
Genre: HipHop
Length: 2:30
Filesize: 37.4 MB
Source: TV
Resolution: 640x480
Format: PAL XviD
Deinterlace: Manual
Video Bitrate: 1891kbit
Audio Source: CDDA
Audio Format: MP3
Audio Bitrate: 192kbit (CBR; 44,1kHz)
A rare classic. Audio is form the "Ruff Draft" reissue this year

Download Here

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