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Ron Countour – Hot Dog

More new Moka!

║ ▄▓██▀ █ ▀██▓▄ ║ ARTIST: Ron Countour ║
║ ▄▓▀▀ ▐▌ ▀▀█▄ ║ ALBUM: Hot Dog ║
║ ▀ ▀ ▀ ║ SOURCE: CDDA ║
║ ║ ║
║ RIP DATE: 8/12/2008 ║ TOTAL TRACKS: 17 PLAYTIME: 00:36:13 ║
║ STREET DATE: ??/??/2008 ║ ║
║ ╠═════════════════════════════════════════════════╣
╠══════════════════════════╣ RLS TYPE: Album ║
║ BITRATE: 128kbps ║ GENRE: Hip-Hop ║
║ CBR/VBR?: CBR ║ LABEL: legendary Entertainment ║
║ SIZE: 33.22 MB ║ RIPPER: ________________ ║

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Breezilla is Back + Moka Only – Clap Trap (2008)

So as many of you regular cats have noticed I’ve been missing in action for about two weeks now which is culmination of too many hours to be worked at my job with far too many employees as well as a broken laptop. I’ve kind of solved the job problem and I’ve def found a solution to my laptop problems (bought a laptop of this cat for 2 cartons of Newports), so I’m back in full force. HUGE, HUGE, HUGE shouts to DMXXX and Ches B for holding things down in my absence (of course they always do even when I’m here). Have requests, questions, suggestions, submissions, or want ton be affiliated with our blog? Drop us a line here or at On with the new shit.

“If it’s too abstract, you need to get smart, stupid!Such a Moka-ism. Funny little quips and thoughts burst out often here. Following their Martian Xmas disc, this quirky concoction is pure modern Moka: 22 short, sweet, self-produced songs showcasing his soul. The longest track is 2:28.
Dippin’ into 60s soul, 70s psychedelia, 80s pop and 90s melancholy, Clap Trap is diverse. The sinister skin cocooning Summer Stalker is shockingly satisfying, but it’s criminal to not give it a reasonable resolution. Time To Clean Up is a simmering gem. Mo And Mo features wisdom from Sweatshop Union’s Mos Eisley, whose sharp lyrics could have lasted longer but for brevity, wit and all that.”

For fans of MF Doom, Swollen Members, MF Doom, and Louis Logic. It you like it, cop it legit here.

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Sweatshop Union – Water Street

Sweatshop Union has always been one of my favorite Canadian acts along with Swollen Members, Moka Only (formerly of Swollen Members) and Classified. Their new album definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Label…………….: Fontana North
Genre…………….: Hip-Hop
StoreDate…………: Aug-05-2008
Source……………: CDDA
Size……………..: 89,1 MB
Total Playing Time…: 73:43

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Moka Only + Def 3 – Dog River (2007)

I got a hold of this one last fall sometimes and I have to say the more I listen to it the better it gets. When I first heard it I put it in my top 10 albums of ’07 but now it’s looking like top 5 material. Anyway, all rankings aside, even if you don’t like Moka’s deep lazy flow, you should still check this album for what Def 3 brings to the table. I know dude’s name is mad corny, but you well never hear another cat as crazy with the rhyme schemes as him. Most tracks clock in at under 3 minutes so give it a spin even if you’re working with a little time and cop it here if you like it (and you can afford a Canadian import).

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Moka Only – The Desired Effect (2005)

Canada’s (arguably iller) version of MF Doom and former member of The Swollen Members collective puts it down on 2005 gem.


I originally upped the joint when I was modding for a site I’m no longer affiliated with, if you’re looking for a hip hop community to join check out Muzik Supremacy Continue reading ‘Moka Only – The Desired Effect (2005)’

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