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9th Wonder & Murs – Sweet Lord

Here’s the new 9th Wonder & Murs mixtape. It’s only 10 tracks, but I have a feeling that this won’t let you down. I still haven’t listened to it yet, I just copped this about 3 minutes ago from MixFiend.

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Rapper Big Pooh – Sleepers (2005)

I still haven’t gotten around to checking this joint out for myself (I know, I know), but I’ve surpisingly enough heard only good things about it. I mean, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s always though Pooh was the weak link in Little Brother (of course he’s improved greatly with each release), so this may be worth it. Whatever the case it’s an LB fan must have as well as Ace recommended. Let me know if it’s worth my time. Features from Murs, Median, Joe Scudda, Phonte, O-Dash, Darien Brockington, & Spectac.


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Felt’s Tributes

i’ve gone ahead and posted both felt’s (murs and slug) albums. if you haven’t heard either of them and are into either artists, which i assume you are if you are reading this blog, then check them out.

Felt – A Tribute to Christina Ricci

1. Christina Intro (0:24)
2. The Two (3:57)
3. Anneurysm (4:59)
4. Hot Bars (4:37)
5. Suzanne Vega (3:43)
6. Rick James (3:11)
7. Corey’s Interlude (0:46)
8. Another Knight (4:20)
9. All I Can Do (4:07)
10. Ricci Outro (0:21)

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Murs – Varsity Blues (2002)

I posted a new song by Murs and some French dude a while back. Hate to say it, but it was super wack. Anyway here’s a reminder of why you shouldn’t let that track kill your love for Murs and why he’s everyone’s best friend.

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Busy P & Murs – To Protect & Entertain (Single)

So, apparently Murs has jumped on the entire bastard pop bandwagon… um, it’s nice to try new things but this is probably the type of thing that’s best done once. Parisian G-Funk? My God…

To Protect & Entertain: Download

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