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Cool Calm Pete – Gitty Up Baby [Single] (2008)

Finally a new Cool Calm Pete track. I’ve been fiending for some new Pete shit ever since I heard his 2005 release (Lost the Album) and although I bought and enjoyed his CD of loosies, I was looking for more. This track hits the spot for now, but only makes me want to hear his new LP Leonard Z (which is supposed to drop later this year). Check the track and buy the album when it drops.

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Danny! – Danny is Dead (2007)

Here’s the widely slept on EP of  Grammy winning (yes Grammy winning) Def Jux artist Danny! (of South Carolina). For fans of Little Brother, Kanye West, & Kidz in the Hall.

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Aesop Rock – Appleseed (1999)

“Appleseed is an EP by American hip hop artist Aesop Rock, the second of two self-released efforsts preceding his Mush debut Float (2000). As Aesop’s first EP, it is available only on CD-R.”

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Cool Calm Pete – Lost The Album (2005)

If you checked out that Babbletron album I posted a while back, then you’re familiarized with Cool Calm Pete… if not, get familiar. This is Pete’s critically acclaimed ’05 Def Jux release (on of my favorite albums of all time). When it camed out it was widely praised for the panaromic views Pete tends to paint of his city and surroundings, Pete’s lazy, but always interesting flow, as well as Pete’s use of traditional Korean samples in his production. Great album, I can say enough about it and I also can’t wait for his 08 release. Download the album, listen to the album, buy the album.

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Babbletron – Mechanical Royalty (2003)

Got a request for this one from Aleksandar. I’ve personally never checked out Babbletron myself (shame on me), but I’m a huge Cool Calm Pete fan (can’t wait for his 2008 release to drop), so this is probably worth it if you’re into the entire Definitive Jux scene. Thank the savant for this one.


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Dizzee Rascal: Still Grime-y (3 Tracks)

Another test post:

In my search for sites to add RSS Feeds from, I was disappointed that

Okayplayer still does not have up their RSS Feed (it really is long overdue ?uest), but I was pleasantly surprised at the site’s new facelift. Okayplayer always has some of the best news from the conscious music scene and is also good about greenlighting promising cats, so check them out. Here’s an Okayplayer interview from the UK’s own Dizzee Rascal. I’ve been into dude for about two years now (you might remember him from the 2007 BET Awards show cypher), but he’s making his US debut with the album titled Maths & English on Definitive Jux April 29th (got released in Europe ages ago).

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