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Edgar Allen Floe – The Road To Streetwise (2008)[Mixtape]

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Here we have Edgar Allen Floe of the Justus League’s (aka the nigga with the coolest name besides Lupe Fiasco) latest release. In preparation for Floe’s first solo LP (Streetwise) he created this mixtape (which I hear is pretty nice) to get people familiar with him since 2006’s Floe Almighty was dropped a while ago. Fans of The Away Team, Khrysis, L.E.G.A.C.Y., and Little Brother must check.

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Skyzoo & 9th Wonder – Cloud 9: The 3 Day High (2006)

Went digging in my old files for something to post and came up with this. Dope shit, recorded in only 3 days. I know record sales hardly mean anything but ol’ boy got certified gold from the underground (who does that shit besides Atmosphere?). For fans of Little Brother, Jay-Z, and Joell Ortiz. Buy it here if you like it.

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9th Wonder & Murs – Sweet Lord

Here’s the new 9th Wonder & Murs mixtape. It’s only 10 tracks, but I have a feeling that this won’t let you down. I still haven’t listened to it yet, I just copped this about 3 minutes ago from MixFiend.

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New Videos From Jean Grae & Skillz

Heard there was a bit of controversy about the release of JG’s video… anybody heard about that?  Also can’t wait for that new Skillz album, The Million Dollar Backpack

(p.s. I know D posted JG’s album, but if you like what you’re hearing you really need to go out and get it. Just like gimmeadollr I already pre-ordered this joint and if you downloaded it you already know it’s crazy. We waited four long ass years to get a new album out of Jean and I don’t want to wait until 2012 for another so support the artists. That’s the point of the blog, so you can explore new artists and find some dope MCs who you are feeling to a point that you don’t mind dropping 10 dollars in order to support them. Seriously, there’s far to few legit female emcees in the game to make Ms. Grae leave it don’t be a douche and buy it here for 10 dollars. If you only buy one CD a year and you like this one, do cop it).

Jean Grae & 9th Wonder – Love Thirst

Skillz ft. Talib Kweli – So Far So Good


Asamov (aka The ABs) – And Now… (2005)

I originally slept on this one when it came out, but it’s def worth the listen. These cats (who recently changed their name to The ABs from Asamov) from Florida will really take you back to the mid 90s and put you in the mind of groups like De La Soul. They were featured on the A3C mixtape a while back with this crazy joint called “Boombox” which I posted the single of. If you like the track check the entire album (guest apperances by 9th Wonder, Akrobatik, Mr. Lif, Wordsworth, J-Live, & Cassidy).


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Rapper Big Pooh – Sleepers (2005)

I still haven’t gotten around to checking this joint out for myself (I know, I know), but I’ve surpisingly enough heard only good things about it. I mean, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s always though Pooh was the weak link in Little Brother (of course he’s improved greatly with each release), so this may be worth it. Whatever the case it’s an LB fan must have as well as Ace recommended. Let me know if it’s worth my time. Features from Murs, Median, Joe Scudda, Phonte, O-Dash, Darien Brockington, & Spectac.


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Strange Fruit Project – The Healing (2006)

Since I mentioned them previously (in the post about Basic Vocab) here are some more Southern cats who really know how to put it down. Hailing from Waco, TX these dudes keep it Southern stylisitcally, but do it with a level of intelligence that the most picky hip hop fan can enjoy. Def for fans of Little Brother, Basic Vocab, and Nicoly & Kay (at least check the tracklist before you make your decision).

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