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Rashaan Ahmad – The Push (2008)

Guaranteed this link will be down shortly, so preview it while you can.

It’s been four long years since the release of Crown City Rocker’s debut LP  Earthtones, and while we’ve been patiently waiting for a follow-up to the Oakland crew’s brilliant grade of hip-hop, there’s still no word of a CCR sophomore release. So what are we to do besides replay Earthtones & The Mission EP over and over again until we’ve learned every key and chord? Well Rashaan Ahmad, the frontman & MC of the crew, has the answer. Listen to his long awaited new album, The Push. The album does not have the same ring as what you’d expect from a Crown City Rocker’s album (which is to be expected since there’s no live band backing him this time), but the album is appealing to the golden era & boom-bap sensibilities of your pickiest of heads. Lyrics get an A, production gets an A-. I’m not willing to put money on it quite yet, but with this release of this joint, Rashaan Ahmad may soon be up for a God MC award in the near future. Check the album and if you enjoy it as much as I have, do yourself a favor and buy it here

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Sound Providers – An Evening With The Sound Providers (2004)

Here’s the debut ABB release of the SoCal Jazz Rap group Sound Providers. Like other Californian groups of the same genre, the Sound Providers cleverly mash boom-bap styled hip-hop with smooth jazz blends. The album features guest appearances from Little Brother, The Procussions, Asheru and others. Fans of People Under the Stairs, INI, Crown City Rocks, and Kero One will love this one, but fans of old school cats like Tribe, De La Soul, and Pete Rock & CL Smooth should be able to feel this release as well. Download it and if you like it, cop it here.

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Panacea’s Ink Is My Drink & A Proper Introduction

My user title says checktherime, but I go by many other things… Breeze, Breezilla, Breezus, Breezeus, Breezuno, Queen B etc. and my main purpose behind starting this blog was to get that good shit out

to the masses. I decided to enlist a few other heads from all over the place to help me out with this site,

there’s  DMXXX from Estonia and Chesbomb from NY (I’m from AL by the way… big surprise I know).

Anyway, we’re here to promote good hip hop music from now until the rest of forever so if you have a request or something that we should make the subject of one of our posts leave a comment. On the subject of good hip hop here’s the 2006 album by one of the dopest groups I’ve heard in a while, Panacea from Washington D.C. These cats are some The Roots/Crown City Rockers type vibe so give ’em a listen.
Shouts to the fam at Muzik Supremacy

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