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One Be Lo – S.O.N.O.G.R.A.M. [2005]

1. Intro (1:37)
2. the UNDERground (2:53)
3. enecS eht no kcaB (3:35)
4. Questions f. Abdus Salaam & Charmaine Gibson (1:47)
5. Oggie (1:36)
6. Propaganda (2:40)
7. the Ghetto (4:09)
8. Axis (3:04)
9. sleepwalking feat. Ka Di (4:05)
10. True Love f. Decompoze (4:14)
11. interlude (0:17)
12. Used 2 Be Fly (4:39)
13. Deceptacons (3:26)
14. Can’t get enough f. Magestik Legend (4:55)
15. Assassinations (0:47)
16. Evil of Self f. Abdus Salaam (4:23)
17. the Future (3:25)
18. E.T. (3:36)
19. the capital IST (0:56)
20. Rocketship (4:23)
21. Unparalleled f. Magestik Legend (4:07)
22. Follow my lead (4:01)
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Senim Silla – The Name, The Motto, The Outcome

I had this album in another post, but I feel that it deserves to be on the front page instead of buried somewhere it might now be seen. I’m talking about Senim Silla’s album The Name, The Motto, The Outcome. I just got the album yesterday (props to apawllo at muziksupremacy,) and like me, any fan on Binary Star should enjoy this album. Check it out.

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ches. spell my name right.

I’m gonna begin by posting one of my favorite albums from last year. Statik Selektah presents Spell My Name Right (The Album) suprised me to say the least. I didn’t know what to expect when I first listened to the album last November. I didn’t really know anything about Statik Selektah besides the mixtapes I had of his. I knew he worked with Premier, but besides that I didn’t know much. After listening to the album, he instantly became one of my favorite producers. The production from Statik Selektah is amazing, and the guest list is just as good. Continue reading for more albums (Senim Silla & Masta Ace) and the download links of course.

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