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Mac Lethal – 11 11

Nevermind the scary cover as this has to be my new favorite album of 2007. Mac Lethal’s first album on Rhymesayers.

Title        [11 11                                      ]        ░██▓
Artist       [Mac Lethal                                 ]         ██▒
Label        [rhymesayers        ] Genre  [Hip-Hop       ]         ██░
Quality/Size [44.1  @VBR  64,2 MB] Ripped [10-08-2007    ]        ▒██
Grabbed from [CDDA               ] Enc    [Lame 3.97     ]        ▓██
Website [n/a                                                    ] ▒██

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Jake One – The Truth (feat. Brother Ali & Freeway)[Single]

Man, oh man. After hearing this track I can’t say how excited I am about Jake’s new Rhymesayers release (White Van Music due out October 7th). For those who don’t know Jake One has been the man behind the boards for everybody from MF Doom and De La Soul to 50 Cent & Nas. I mean damn… who didn’t love Rock Co. Cane Flow? His album is slated to feature underground & mainstream legends alike and with his ability to get cats who would have otherwise never worked together on the same track, this is going to be ill. Check this track out for a taste of what I’m talking about. Ill ass collabo. Fucking crazy…

Download: The Truth.mp3


The Dynospectrum – The Dynospectrum (1999) [Slug, Self One, Beyond & Swift]

Got a request for this one a little while ago. Any fan of Atmosphere or the Rhymesayers fam should have heard of this one (although I had some trouble finding it). If you’re familiar with any of the Headshots series (or even just the widely popular Headshots: Se7en) you’ll know most of the cats on this project… Of course there’s Slug of Atmosphere and Beyond (who later became Musab) as well as old school Rhymesayers junkies, Self One (aka I Self Divine) & Swift (who I have no idea what happened to). Apparently this was the first and last actual LP that was done by the group so, Iif you like the Headshots series & Deep Puddle Dynamics you’ll love this one… if you just like Atmosphere you’ll at least enjoy it.Like it? Buy it here.

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Psalm One – The Death of Frequent Flyer (2006)

Bought this album (Rhymesayers) a while ago. Good stuff for those who are fiending for the game to have more female rappers and even those who aren’t really looking. No Lil’ Kim/Lil’ Mama type bullshit here. Another Chicago native puttin’ it down…

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Brother Ali – Rites of Passage (2000)

As any of you who know me can tell, Brother Ali is one of my favorite two MCs of all time (just look at my page). Unlike most artists I listen to, I didn’t get into Ali from listening to his first album because when I started listening to him the album was near impossible to find. Thanks to somebody who order one of the first 300 copies of Ali’s 2004 Champion EP, Ali’s Rites of Passage finally started to pop up all around the internet late last year. If I had never heard of Ali before I would’ve thought this album was made in the early-mid 90s… which is a good thing, a really good thing. This album takes you back to the time of Brand Nubian, Black Sheep, Black Moon, Tribe and De La Soul from Ali’s lyrics, to his production (he produced this album), even to the interludes. Rites of Passage is a masterpiece of an album, so please don’t sleep on it for your own sake.


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Atmosphere – Sad Clown Bad Dub Series 1-12

Okay, just to clear things up I upped these when I was “working” for another site, but I wouldn’t really call myself affiliated with them any longer so please disregard the password and tags and if you’re looking for a new website to join get at the MS fam instead at Muzik Supremacy.

Entire Atmosphere Sad Clown Bad Dub Series (1-12)
In regards to the dub series in particular:


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